Friday, April 13, 2012

Thrift Finds, Flamingo Re-make, Me and My Puppy, and a Vent

I went thrifting the other day and can't believe I found some bakelite!!! (considering I had just recently posted about it!) They are not anything that "special" but are pretty...butterscotch napkin rings. I hung them with ribbon to this lace curtain.

I also found these pretty pink vintage custard bowls. Marked the good ole "USA" on the bottom. 

And my husband is on a "real" butter kick so we needed a butter dish. Found this one and just glued on the little mermaid. I'm hoping she will stick good and strong, and then will clean off the excess glue.

Also found this "thingy"...anyone have a clue what it is? All I know is that it's glass, pink and pretty! Wonder what it's use is and what I will do with it???

This very old concrete flamingo was not a thrift store find but bought many years ago on ebay. I had put it in the brick planter outside. Not too long after at all, my husband came along to do some weeding, pulled the flamingo out of the ground and flung him down on the sidewalk...he had thought it was just plastic. Of course it broke. I patched it up and put it back anyway. Just a week ago or so he planted my little alvacodo tree I grew from a seed and I put the flamingo there. In the process some of it again broke off. His advice was to just "pitch it and buy another". So I looked up some on Ebay and showed him how much they are going much as 100.00 and above for some! Sooooo that fixed that and he went on a mission to fix my broken one up. Here is a pic of it all patched together again and it's new paint job. It came out way tooooo bright pink for a vintage piece, but I know the sun will fade it out in no time. We also need to get it some longer legs.

And finally I want to share a picture of me and my sweet sweet baby Dane. We were on our walk on the nature trail near our house and remembered to bring the camera. However we forgot Dane's water so the walk was quick. Next time we go I'll bring the camera again and get lots more pics; it's a beautiful trail! But anyway, before I post the picture I need to do a little venting...I also posted this picture on Facebook and was surprised to see some comments (which I have removed) regarding my weight; or "lack of weight". Yes, I have lost quite a bit of weight since a surgery I had over a year ago, There were complications which required medications, along with discovering I have Degenerative Disc Disease. On top of that I'm having some major tooth problems and have no Dental Insurance now that my husband has retired. So okay, I've lost some weight. But comments, such as "omg, why are you so skinny, are you okay?" and "are you ill?" from my "online friends" who have never met me in real life are just uncalled for. After all, if someone is over weight do you ask them "why are you so fat?" No, I don't think so. Anyway, here is the picture and I'm only sharing it because I want to share me being with Dane, the love puppy of my life. I may be skinny but I deserve to capture with photos the good times in my life without judgement. End of vent and thanks for (hopefully) understanding.

All for today! If you are reading I'd love to hear from you! And if you like what you read, please follow me! Until next time!!


Jeannie Marie said...

Your flamingo is awesome! I would repair too! The sun should fade it in no time. I am still shopping for my pink yard flamingo.

Kristi Coles said...

Shop till you job Jeanne!! You will find that Flamingo sooner or later!!

Junky Jen said...

great stuff!! and as for those comments I for one (a special ed teacher) never judge someone for their appearance. You look happy and your posts are happy!! If you have a Hobby Lobby in your area you should go check out the Flamingo dishes they have!! Super cute!!

Trudy Holtz said...

The nifty whats-it is a wasp and fly catcher. You put some sugary something in the little lip and they get in and can't get back out. They are really useful around a picnic table. Great finds!