Thursday, March 29, 2012

Random Stuff

I have had a very busy day and so no time to continue on with my Mosaics Tips...but I will be back at it tomorrow for sure.

In the meantime, I want to share a link:

 If you are local, go and visit!! They have some really great stuff and prices are very reasonable. And now on the 1st Saturday of every month, they have their "Fancy Flea & Farmers Market" from 8am-2pm. Check it out!

Another link I want to share:

Quality Paperback Book Club

If you love to read, I really suggest to join this club. (and yes, I get free books if you do; a win win for you and me!) When you join you get 4 books for only a dollar each. And then you can buy another book for just 4.99 so you will have less to buy later. And they have an awesome selection of books and with reviews that help alot in deciding if that book is right for you. The books are paperback but the very high quality "large" size ones. And they have lots and lots of specials, like free shipping, half price books, etc.

I have been reading alot lately since finding this club. And here's how I work it...if I find a book that looks really awesome on their site, but no specials at the time, I just go over to Amazon and find (most of the time) the same book, often used, for a great price. But when they do have specials, I take advantage of them so I can meet my commitment. Either way, both sites have a wish list to keep up with the books you'd like to read in the future. I have found so many books with this club that I would have never known were out there if it wasn't for their site. Check out my link on the right top of this page to see the many books I've read and that I really really enjoyed. And give some thought to joining the book club! Have both sources; QPB and Amazon and get reading!

Until tomorrow!!

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