Friday, March 23, 2012

We have a 9 month old Choc Lab puppy named Dane. We call him "Dane Dane" or "Sweet Sweet Dane" or "Puppy" or "Sweet Baby; all depending I guess on our mood as well as his. I won't get into what we may call him when he's been bad, lol. Anyway I was looking around on the net for things to keep him busy and found some ideas on how and what to stuff his Kong with. (besides the fattening peanut butter I've been using). Long story short, many of the ideas I found were more complicated then I felt they needed to be. Soooo, I just stuffed his "Binky" (Kong) with pure pumkin, froze it and there ya go...sucess!!! Instead of maybe 5 min's it took him 20 to 25 min's to to finish it off. To us that is just AWESOME! I'm sure I'm not the first to invent this but since I just discovered it I thought I'd share. Maybe staying off the PB will also help him rid of his (what I like to call) baby fat.

His Fav place. This is a built in planter that we made into a couch. The "arms" are covered with foam and fabric after a terrible accident when I fell over our cat and hit the brick with my  forehead. It would likely never happen again but why take chances right?

What a handsome face!

My Fav pic is this one taken by my son on Dane's very first day in his new home.

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